Why Us

Why Choose Us?

Living in an industrialized country such as Singapore calls for top notch air conditioning all the time. But if your air conditioners are not maintained, it will not provide you with optimum performance. We make sure that your systems continue to perform at their best without any problem so that the quality of your life is not affected and your indoor comfort is not disturbed. Though there are a number of aircon services Singapore, 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore is the best among all. There are various factors that give us an edge over our competitors. Following are some of the features that make stand us apart from other aircon servicing Singapore and make us the best choice of countless home and commercial users across the country:

Quality with Affordability

We provide quality, but without needing you to go out of the way to afford us. Quality is essential for us, but at the same time we make sure that you benefit from our superior services at the most affordable rates. That is why you don’t have to think twice about which aircon service to choose whenever you need any installation, repair or maintenance service.

A Plethora of Services

From the installation of new air conditioners to repairing them, we offer a complete range of aircon services in Singapore. Not only this, we extend services including replacement of faulty parts, cleaning, overhaul, as well as troubleshooting. Thus, we act as a one stop for all your aircon needs.


We are here to provide 24/7 services. Whenever there is a need, you can simply get in touch with our customer service department, where friendly and professional representatives will guide you as well as provide prompt services as per your requirements. We make sure that you get the services you need from us within no time. Our efficiency in service does not cause any negative impact on our effectiveness.


All our aircon services are reliable. You will never have to contact another company once, you will get our service since we make sure to provide efficient services.

Latest Technologies

Our services are based on the latest technologies. Be it, installation or repair, we make sure you benefit from the most up to the minute equipment, tools and technologies so that the performance of your air conditioner may touch the horizon.

Expertise in All Brands

Every brand of air conditioner requires different handling. No matter which brand of air conditioner you may have, we have the expertise to install, fix and maintain it. Thus, we ensure you always enjoy clean and fresh air regardless of any brand limitations. Our team of technicians has the knowledge and experience of all brands to make sure the durability of your unit.


Professionalism is our driving force. We make sure all our dealings are based on professionalism. Our expert staff gives personal attention to every customer and makes sure they understand the individual concerns of every customer in the best possible manner. In addition, our technicians are also well versed and have the much needed technical expertise in order to provide top-notch aircon services. In order to ensure the longevity of your unit, we also let you deal with a technician who knows the requirements of that particular brand.
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