Aircon General Service

Aircon General Service

aircon general servicing

Because the weather of Singapore is hot people cannot live without aircon. During the everyday use of aircon, dirt will start to gather around the aircon which will become the reason for the growth of mildew and molds over time. By doing general aircon servicing, we assist to take away/diminish that dirt before it damages the system.

7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore extremely suggests doing this service every three months to make sure that your AC is at all times working at its ideal efficiency and making sure that you always living in the fresh air.

Here are few advantages of our General Aircon Servicing which is done by our skilled Specialists.

  • Sustaining the complete cleanliness of your air conditioner
  • Living in fresh air
  • Dripping of water and concentration problems will decrease considerably.


Upholding your aircon and getting it serviced on a consistent basis certifies ideal performance and consistency. A well-kept aircon works better to extend the general lifespan of the air conditioning unit and saves your time and cash. Aircon services usually contain designing, providing, installing, and servicing of aircon systems in both residential and commercial areas. Your aircon needs to be upheld in an impeccable working condition to avoid health risks, keep the air clean and avoid foremost failures. Though, it is sensible to select a reputed Aircon servicing firm like 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore to fix the issue certainly and efficiently.


  • It is significant that you have your AC reviewed and get serviced recurrently by an accomplished specialist. The basic services typically take in the following:
  • Suitable cleaning of the filters and exterior parts with water. This makes your aircon work well giving you neat and cool air.
  • An in-depth washing of the evaporator loop, fan loop, examining the compressor and suitable lubricating of the motors. Filthy loops can surely decline your aircon performance efficacy by 10%. The fan loop is not cleaned with the use of a brush as the dirt and filth will be released into the air. Instead, these experts use laboratory-approved and licensed chemicals to remove the bacteria and the filth.
  • The AC drops 10% of the gas every year. The professional trench and renew the system, inspect pipes, strainers, belts, and links to certify that the compressor and condenser are in an impeccable working state.
  • A comprehensive visual checkup and scrutiny of the condenser unit certify that the airflow in the AC is not congested. This guarantees that the AC functions at the precise pressure and temperature.
  • An inspection and validation of all the electrical components for wear and destruction.
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