Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, air conditioners stop working when there is no inadequate or no power supply. You can check on your own and make sure if the switch is plugged in and see if the electrical panel is not tripped. In case there is nothing wrong, you need to call a technician to find out other causes and provide an appropriate solution.

The air conditioner has two parts: the indoor fan coil and the outdoor condenser. While the indoor part works as a blower, the outdoor section acts as the real unit that makes cool air. If your aircon is not cooling, it means there is some issue with the outdoor part. In order to resolve this problem, you need the expertise of a skilled and experienced technician.

When an air conditioner is performing right, water condenses in the indoor fan coil and released by means of a draining pipe. This condition takes place when the drainage piping is choked or clogged. This issue can be resolved by getting a general aircon service from a reliable and experienced aircon service.

Your aircon might not be providing the right level of cooling due to a number of reasons. This can happen due to the dirty indoor fan coil or outdoor condenser, which affects the performance of the unit. This problem may also occur if there is not sufficient refrigerant in the unit. Besides, your aircon may not provide optimum cooling as a result of some issue in the aircon, which is not letting the system work. Your aircon may also not be able to provide you with desired cooling if the room exceeds its cooling capacity.

This problem occurs when bacteria are formed in the indoor fancoil unit. If the odor is unbearable, getting a chemical treatment may help.

There are multiple benefits of maintaining your air conditioner regularly. Firstly, it helps you increase the life of your unit. It also allows the aircon to perform better. Getting aircon servicing will also provide you with better cooling. You will also be able to save energy bills in addition to minimizing the occurrences of Aircon leakage. Lastly, you will remain safe from spending on major aircon repairs.

It is best to get your unit serviced after at least 3 months. However, the precise duration depends on how much you may use the unit.

Sometimes your air conditioner begins to give out sound that can be very annoying. There can be a number of reasons of these problems. Noise may result due to floppy mounting of component in the aircon system or vibration from indoor/outdoor parts due to dirt. At times, the reason can be the faulty parts. Calling an experienced technician can help you fix the issue.

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