Aircon Not Cold

Aircon not cold

Aircon has become the basic necessity of people living in Singapore. They cannot imagine there life without t. Though on a lot of occasions, an aircon may stop giving cold air in homes and offices in Singapore.


From very simple problems like a thermostat set wrongly or a muddy strainer…to a more difficult condition that needs changing parts…there is an extensive range of causes why you might find your AC working, however not dropping the temperature in the area. There might be a lot of possible causes why an AC is not giving cold air and there might be some useful tips to fix it.


When you see your area getting slightly warmer than usual, first of all, have a look at the thermostat settings. Make sure it is set too cold. If it is set too cold, see the temperature setting to make sure somebody has not altered it. If it is turned off, set to heat, or set for continuous fan, switch it back to chilling operation. Once the system starts on, wait for few minutes, then see cool air blowing from the unit. If it is cool, the issue is resolved! If not, go on to the subsequent tip – inspecting the air filter.


The filter benefits to set-up airborne elements roaming through the ductwork previously they can destroy the aircon suggestively. The filter can get blocked and limit the flow of air if you do not replace the filter for pretty some time. If yes, there is a probability for the evaporator loop to freeze and it would not be able to cool the air any longer.


The outer of the condenser unit has a big outside loop, which cloaks a lot of the way around the outer of the unit. The loop comprises a sequence of squeaky metallic “fins” which are spread out very firmly together. If your aircon is working, however not lowering temperatures internally, one problem might be a congested or stopped up condenser loop. When working appropriately, the condenser fan pulls air in the outer unit through the condenser loop to tweak heat energy out of your house. Grime, grass, and additional airborne wreckages can gather between the paddles, blocking the loop. A muddy loop can lead to condensed energy effectiveness, shortage of cold air from the registers, or in severe circumstances, whole system blackout or hurt to the compressor from overdoing. You can try to clean the loop by removing the wreckages, sensibly vacuuming the loop with a brush, or washing moderately with a pipe. If your AC still is not giving cool air, it is possibly time to call a professional like 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore.


In a lot of circumstances, your outer unit may be a heat pump. It looks like an Aircon unit, with few parts inside that permit it to both cool and heat your house. In the cooling process, it works just like an aircon condenser unit and is subject to similar problems – filthy, blocked loop, frozen loop, refrigerant leakages, compressor faults, etc. If your pump system is not cooling, see thermostat settings, the filter, plus the condenser unit for formerly described problems. If you are still not getting cold air, call the professional.


The inner part of your central aircon system will contain an evaporator loop. If your inner unit is a furnace, the evaporator loop sits in its own filing cabinet, outer the furnace. If the inner unit is a fan loop, the evaporator loop sits in the fan loop cabinet. Hot inner air crosses the evaporator loop where heat energy and moisture are detached from the air. Cooler, more comfy air is then dispersed back to your house. Indications of a frozen evaporator loop contain:

  • Ice making on the copper refrigerant tubes coming from the loop cabinet
  • Insufficient cooling
  • Greater electricity bills
  • Extreme condensate drainage near your inner unit
  • In severe circumstances, ice-making on external refrigerant tubing or the outer unit

As opening the evaporator loop is difficult, solving problems related to a frozen evaporator loop is best managed by 7 days aircon servicing.


Aircon is “estimated” according to the measure of cooling they can give as estimated in BTUh. Under moderate conditions, you might not see any problems with a small system. Be that as it may, as temperatures ascend outside, your aircon might run for a significant time and battle to keep you cool.

You might possibly decide the size of your aircon unit from the rating data on the bureau board, yet it will be hard to decide if it is the “right-size” for your home. There are various factors engaged with estimating a framework for your home, including area, nature of development and protection, nearby environment, and then some.

In case your aircon is small, it very well might be feasible to give cooling in pain points by adding a ductless unit to assist in “problem areas”. Or then again, it could be smarter to replace the framework with one that is effectively estimated. The most ideal approach to address measuring issues is to contact a certified HVAC proficient who can accurately evaluate your home and its ideal cooling capacity.


With all the above-mentioned reasons that stop the aircon from giving cool air, it is significant to at all time set a consistent maintenance program for your aircon at least one time a year. This takes in usual aircon repair, replacements, and cleaning to keep your aircon in good shape. Though, to get the finest outcomes and a greater total lifecycle for your aircon, it is suggested to conduct consistent checks each month.

For all your aircon servicing, repairing, installations, cleaning, and replacement necessities, you might get in touch with 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore. We provide the greatest competitive aircon servicing and repairing rates along with our crew of expert licensed specialists. So feel free to contact us now at +65 64328465 or send us an email at to get our specialized services.

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