Think about every product you have ever had… and had an issue with. A new PC… the newest smartphone… or your automobile for instance. After that, recall how many times you have had to go to expert assistance merely to find out the answer was something simple. It is annoying, and perhaps a little awkward to recall the time and cash unexploited when the solution did not need expert assistance. The specialists at 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore understand how you feel. That is why we are providing some simple troubleshooting tips for usual aircon issues. Central aircon is a system with numerous parts. And from time to time when it is not cooling sufficiently your primary instinct is to call a specialist for aircon service. However before you call them, take a few seconds to play investigator. Taking the time to troubleshoot an aircon may just save you time and cash…and get you feeling cold and comfy without a service call. Though, if you find that these tips do not solve your aircon problem, contact 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore professional for a more comprehensive analysis.





Realizing how to check an aircon regularly begins with the fundamental control – its indoor regulator. Indoor regulators arrive in an assortment of alternatives, beginning with essential models that just control warming as well as cooling temperatures plus fan activity. More modern programmable renditions might be set to consequently change temperatures for the day for superior ease while you are at the house and greater proficiency when you are grinding away or sleeping around evening time. Thinking about the entirety of the choices accessible, there are various ways your indoor regulator settings can cause it to create the impression that your aircon isn’t running effectively. Side affects you might see include:


  • Warm air coming from the openings, and cool air coming on different occasions
  • Higher than anticipated temperature perusing on the indoor regulator
  • Opening is not giving air

In case you face any of the above issues in your house, make certain to see the indoor regulator before calling an HVAC repairing service.



Another usual step in aircon checking is checking for a filthy air channel. Your aircon is something other than the open-air unit. A lot of units likewise incorporate an indoor air controller unit, normally a heating system or fan loop. The indoor unit ought to incorporate an air channel that traps residue, soil, and additional aerial elements. Regardless of whether you are having an essential, 1-inch furnace channel or a greater complex electric air purifier, upkeep is the way to compelling indoor air purification as well as legitimate cooling unit activity. Lack of support can prompt an obstructed channel and impeded wind stream. These can prompt loss of proficiency, distress, or in extra outrageous cases, unit failure.


Your AC utilizes a substance considered refrigerant to assist with cooling your house. It is siphoned through copper tubes, the inside evaporator loop, and an open-air condensing unit, in a constant circle. As it moves through the aircon, the refrigerant tweaks heat from your house and stores it outdoor, leaving inside air cool, not so much sticky but rather more agreeable.

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