What is Chemical Wash for Aircon?

What is Chemical Wash for Aircon?

Knowing that your air conditioning unit will require cleaning at some point is second nature to you. While annual servicing is recommended, plenty of people prefer to use an aircon chemical wash instead of regular servicing. First and foremost, you should be aware that this alternative is most often considered by individuals who have an air conditioning unit that has not been cleaned in a long time. What is the explanation for this?

Not only will you be able to have your air conditioning unit thoroughly cleaned, but it will also work almost as well as it did on the day you purchased it. Using that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the advantages of cleaning your air conditioning unit with a aircon chemical wash in the following paragraphs.

  1. One of the first and most important reasons you should consider such a wash is that you will be able to restore your air conditioning machine to a more efficient and safer level of operation. The filters are always the first to become clogged, which is why you’ll want to make sure they’re either well cleaned or entirely replaced as soon as possible. You are well aware that when your air conditioner is blocked with dust, it will not only be less efficient, but it will also consume more electricity to operate correctly.
  1. Keeping your air conditioning unit clean is also suggested because it will keep allergens out of your home. Whenever dust or pollen enters your home, your body will begin to respond to it almost instantly if you suffer from particular allergies. To avoid further damage to your device, you should consult with a professional as soon as possible so that he can do regular maintenance on it.
  1. The fan evaporator coil is another component that will be dipped in the chemical reagent, primarily if the device has not been utilised for more than a year. Supposequickly any elements of your air conditioning system are emitting foul odours as a result of chemical cleaning. In that case, they will appear as new and will no longer emit foul odours once they have been chemically cleaned.
  1. Using a chemical wash will make the cleaning procedure much easier because it is a very efficient process that can be completed quickly. The controls and thermostat of the cooling system will also be adequately cleaned due to this procedure. This will result in considerably better accuracy and smoother operation of these components following their cleaning.
  1. You will find that your electricity cost will be cheaper at the end of the month due to using this form of wash. This is especially true if your pipes, blower wheel, drain pan, and fan blades have all been chemically cleansed in the last several days. Because the process is carried out by an expert, you won’t have to worry about the chemical substance remaining on any parts, leading to corrosion.

When does your Aircon need Chemical Wash?

How often should you have your aircon washed with chemicals? Considering that chemical wash can be expensive, it is crucial to understand how frequently you should get your air conditioner cleaned chemically. Several distinct elements have a role in determining this. To make your decision easier, we have collected a list of indicators that should indicate when your air conditioner needs to be cleaned using a chemical solution.

Your electricity bill is increasing at an alarming rate.

It is a strong indication that your air conditioner requires chemical cleaning if your electricity cost increases. Clogged pipes increase the energy consumption of your air conditioning system, resulting in increased electricity bills. Fortunately, chemical cleaning may address the majority of your problems almost immediately.

Leakage of water

There are times when you may believe that the water leaking from your air conditioner is not a significant issue. However, in truth, it indicates that you should clean your air conditioner as soon as possible. Water leakage is not visible in an air conditioner that has been appropriately maintained.

The most common reason for water leakage is dirt or small insects entering into the water pipe and interfering with the proper operation of the air conditioner. If you see water leaks frequently, it’s time to bring in a cleaning expert.

Frequent Allergies

Allergies that are not explained indicate that there is an issue with the air quality in the home. The majority of these allergies are caused by dirt and bacteria entering your system through your breathing apparatus. If the fan on your air conditioner is not working correctly, you will need to get it chemically cleaned. An adequately maintained fan generates cleaner air. In this case, you will notice that a simple chemical cleaning of the air conditioning system can solve a significant problem for you.

Bad odour from your aircon

If you notice a foul odour coming from your air conditioner, it could be a clue that there are little dead insects in the ducts and pipes of your air conditioner. Not that it is necessary to purchase a brand new, pricey air conditioning machine at this point. The only way to clean it is with chemicals!

Inadequate maintenance of your air conditioner results in the development of this foul stench. Because the odour has been infecting the air conditioning system for an extended period, basic cleaning may not be sufficient in this case. A chemical cleaning, on the other hand, will restore the original performance of your air conditioner.

Switching off Automatically

Don’t be concerned if your air conditioner is going on and off on its own without your knowledge. It is not a ghost, believe it or not! This fundamental problem is caused by a poorly maintained air conditioning system. According to industry professionals, this is one of the most prominent indicators that a chemical cleaning should be performed.

Even though this appears to be a technological issue that will be expensive to repair, you should not be concerned because a simple chemical cleaning will take care of the problem.

Noisy air conditioner

A regular and clean air conditioner emits a quiet, steady humming sound when operating correctly. The sound produced by your air conditioner will become louder if it is malfunctioning or has not been perfectly maintained. The majority of the time, this is caused by dirt moving around in the fan and windpipe. This noise can be irritating and may interfere with your ability to sleep peacefully.

Clean your air conditioning system to ensure that you enjoy a good night’s sleep. In turn, this will unclog the pipes and restore regular airflow to the air conditioning system, which will improve its efficiency and ideally make it more silent and serene.

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