who-we-are Who We Are ?

Airconservicing.org is a premium aircon servicing Singapore Company that is dedicated to provide you with maximum indoor comfort and ease in the midst of the hot and humid climatic conditions of this industrial country.

What We Do ?

Ranging from installation to repair, we offer all types of aircon services for residential and commercial users. We ensure the performance as well as the life of your units by extending aircon services that are based on the latest industrial stands so that your unit never gets down or lags behind in performance. Specializing in chemical cleaning as well as other aircon services, we are here for you 24/7, addressing your queries and providing appropriate aircon servicing solutions whenever you want.


Providing You with Peace of Mind

We know that you cannot do without air conditioner, living in Singapore and if these units don’t perform to their best, life will become miserable. No matter what your particular aircon servicing requirement it, you can tell us. We are here to provide solutions for all your aircon serving needs. Now there is no need to look for multiple servicing companies. With our professional work and efficient services, you can have peace of mind while we will take care of your unit, restore their optimum efficiency at the most affordable rates and within as little time as you want.


Our Team

Our team includes specialists with both technical and professional expertise. Each department is dedicated towards one goal: exceeding the expectations of customers by going an extra mile for them. Our professionals not only have the knowledge and skill required to provide superior services to customers, but also possess many years of experience that helps them have a deeper insight into various aircon issues. Commitment to excellence, professionalism and learning, these are some of the values that drive the forces of our staff and enables them to extend aircon services that are durable.

our_experienceOur Experience

With years of experience at our back, we know what it takes to ensure the smooth working of your units. We are widely trusted by thousands of home and commercial users with aircon services such as installation, repair and servicing. Inexperienced services can never do what an experienced one can and that is the topmost quality of our company that gives us an edge over our competitors.



Our Pricing

This is perhaps one of the major concerns for many customers. Don’t worry, we are affordable. When it comes to pricing we have designed various packages that help you choose one that you can easily afford. Compared to other aircon services Singapore, we are more cost effective that is why you don’t have to think twice before contacting us. We will inspect your unit, in case of breakdown and then only provide a quotation that will not require you to rob the bank.

Feel free to contact us to find out more and get an answer to your queries in order to have a better idea of what we can do for you. 



Pricing Comparison between Ad hoc Servicing & Yearly Maintenance ( Quarterly )

Ad Hoc Servicing
As Low As $19/Unit
1 Unit ---------> $40
2 Units ---------> $55
3 Units ---------> $70
4 Units ---------> $85
5 Units ---------> $100
6 Units ---------> $114
Yearly Maintenance ( Quarterly )
As Low As $17.5/Unit
1 Unit ---------> $40
2 Units ---------> $47.5
3 Units ---------> $60
4 Units ---------> $75
5 Units ---------> $87.5
6 Units ---------> $105


More than 10,000 Happy Customers

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When do we need Aircon Servicing ?

  • The air conditioner is not blowing any cold air
  • The air conditioner has ice forming inside the unit
  • The air conditioner is Totally not Function at all
  • The air conditioner is leaking refrigerant or water
  • The air conditioner is producing a bad odour
  • The air conditioner is making a loud banging noise

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