Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical Wash

aircon chemical wash

It is the wash of the aircon fan-loop unit with the help of the chemical agent. When general servicing is not enough to improve its state or work. 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore then suggests washing your aircon units with the chemical. It includes taking away the outer cover and making use of a chemical agent to clean the evaporator loop.


The process of chemical wash takes in the cleaning and inspecting of inside parts. At first, we pull apart the aircon cover as well as pull apart the aircon. After that, we go on to clean the aircon strainer with water plus chemical agents. Then we make use of a high-pressure jet to clean the inner evaporator loop, front board, and cover. Then we utilize Chemical-based agents to remove dust, oil, and filth from the different components of the fan loop. The chemical agents likewise comprise ingredients that abolish and limit further growth of fungi and damaging bacteria. We will likewise clear the drainage system and sewer pan with the help of vacuuming. We similarly tighten up electrical links if vital. After we were done cleaning all the components, we fit back the entire air conditioning unit.


Is your AC not giving cold air as it used to before? It’s essentially a sign that your aircon requires a cleaning. Your aircon must at all times work as if you just purchased it, consequently if it is not functioning well, then that is certainly a symbol that something’s off beam.

The greatest common felon for this problem is the filth that gathers in your AC over time. This is particularly correct if you do not do consistent aircon maintenance on your AC. The filth attacks the system of your AC and causes it to fail by hindering pipes, tubes, and strainers.

This is when calling a 7days Aircon Servicing Singapore is most beneficial. Identifying indications timely is great than leaving it be till your AC fails to work, so having to expend extra money on a new AC rather than spending less on the repairing. Typically, a catch-all way out for a faulty aircon is a chemical wash.


When selecting a firm to clean your aircon, each time recall that an outstanding aircon service firm will not stop at chemical washing. The aircon specialist must do basic upkeep, see which parts require foremost repairing or replacing, as well as troubleshoot any issue about your AC that you mention.

At 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore, we will certify that all the components of your AC are in good form. Get in touch with our crew of extremely skilled aircon specialists that will meet all your aircon needs. Our authentic rates make sure that your house, workplace, or business will get the finest service, for the finest price.

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