Aircon Gas Top Up

aircon gas top up

Just envision you reach at home boiling from a dogged journey and the merely place you can freshen is at your home! No doubt aircon is the most vital part of your life especially for the people residing in Singapore. Due to the nonstop use of aircon, it starts creating issues.

If your aircon unit is not giving cool air, this might be a symbol that your AC needs a gas top up. Though, if your air conditioning unit is giving hot Air. You may require Aircon repair in its place.




  • R22 GAS
  • R410 Gas
  • R32 Gas



Typically, you must get AC service to top up your AC one time every 1 – 3 years. However, some clients likewise decide to top up their AC gas every six months. It might be because of little leakages that are unavoidable in every AC system. Though, this is not essential unless our specialists get the refrigerant storage unit to be unfilled by the end of six months. Our specialists will see the pressure. They might see that the pressure drop to some extent after six months nonetheless this is usual.


In a lot of circumstances, cooling chemicals in the refrigerant of an AC will not be completely used during the life of the AC unit. Though, if you feel that your AC is not as effective, an aircon gas top-up is essential as the refrigerant storage might be leaky because of the destruction or wear-and-tear. This causes the chemicals to be dripped out of the vessel. An AC gas top up to take in top up the refrigerant storage unit with the correct chemical coolant. The specialist initially locks the gas to avoid it from leaking. Then, he will top up the compressor with a suitable gas. This process lets your AC carry on cooling the area. It is similarly vital to top up your refrigerant when needed to avoid your entire unit from totally failing because of low refrigerant levels. At 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore, we are providing an inexpensive aircon gas top up package.




You might have witnessed that a lot of the circumstances needing a gas top-up are because of the inadequate upkeep and servicing. If quality service is done on time, it might not be a prerequisite to renew the system. It is, so, obligatory to have your AC serviced at consistent intervals. Every time has skilled professionals like those at 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore to service and fix your aircon. 7Days Aircon Servicing Singapore gives consistent aircon servicing all over Singapore and carry out aircon servicing, repairing, installation, as well as gas refresh.

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