What Would Aircon Servicing Cost?

Nowadays, almost everyone has at least one air conditioner in their house. It is just a need for the weather nowadays as this hotness is not bearable to some. Air conditioners are a gift to use from the technology and science working for our comfort.

Air conditioners can also get tired if they are working continuously. For them to run smoothly, you must have to service them now and then so you do not experience any mishaps. You should get them serviced every 6 months even if there is no apparent fault in them.

7days aircon servicing is starting their servicing cost from $40 for one unit and it increases as the number of your units gets increased. How much does AC servicing cost in general? Let’s find out.

Cost For Servicing Air Conditioner:

If you want to avoid any problem with your air conditioner, you should always schedule an appointment with a reliable AC service at the start of Spring every year. This way you can easily detect the problem and get it repaired before the hot days start.

If you have a whole AC unit in a big building, the servicing price starts from $300-$400. But if you just have one AC in your home, you can expect $70-$120 for the overall maintenance of your unit.

But first of all, you should check out the company that will service your AC. Find out their special offers and see what type of service they do not offer. If you think that an HVAC servicing company has the expertise and knows how to make your air conditioner as new as ever, do not think about the cost and just go for it.

We will tell you the basic servicing fee that the servicing company will take from you for servicing your AC.

For The Ordinary Servicing Of the Air Conditioner:

If you want an HVAC professional to just take a look at your air conditioner so you can be sure that it does not have any issues, it can cost you $50 at least. You can expect a higher payment from a highly professional company.

Hourly Servicing:

Some Aircon servicing companies also charge based on hours. So if your AC has a big issue that needs hours of work, you will have to pay them hourly. You can expect to pay them $50-$150.

Full HVAC System Servicing:

If you just have an AC that needs servicing, your work will be done at a lower cost. But if you want to service a whole HVAC system, it can cost you more which will be between $200-$500.

Tuneup Of Air Conditioner: 

If you need to do a major tune-up of the air conditioner, it will cost you no more than $50-$200. It will include the overall tuning of the AC and the HVAC expert will check every little thing in your AC to detect any problem.

Average Cost Of AC Maintenance and Servicing:

If you just need a rough idea about the servicing cost of the air conditioner, we have mentioned the rates below.

Expect to pay $75 for a low-cost servicing, average servicing will cost you a minimum of $100 and if you go for some professional and expert servicing company, the starting cost is $200.

Air Conditioner’s Repairing:

You can see some faults in your AC after operating it for a while. To repair those issues, you might have to call some AC servicing company that will do the work for you.

AC has a lot of parts and the cost of every part repairing is different. You should have an idea about the cost before you contact the servicing company. So below we have listed some of the costs for the repair of certain AC parts. Let’s see them.

For Condensation Drain Tube

If you observe an issue in your drain tube for condensation, expect a cost of $20-$50 for it.

For New Condensate Drain Pump

If your drain pump stops working, it needs immediate replacement. For it, you will have to buy a new one and the cost of this, including installation charges, will be somewhat between $250-$450. It all depends on your AC company and the quality of the pump.

For New Drain Pans

If your air conditioner needs some new drain pains, you must have $250-$750 in your pockets. Their cost also depends on the size of your aircon and the quality of the drains.

For New Compressor

The compressor is, without any doubt, an important part of the AC. So if your compressor starts refusing to work, it needs immediate replacement. So for this, you will need approximately $1400-$2100 in your pockets. The servicing company will easily get it replaced.

For Repairing Outdoor Fan and Outdoor Motor

The outer part of the AC also needs the same service as the inner part. The repairing of the outer fan and outer motor will merely cost you $200-$600.

For Replacing Breakers, Relays or Fuses

It will not cost you much but you will still have to pay a price. For any of these replacements, the servicing company will charge between $75-$200.

Company Servicing Cost

The above-mentioned costs were just for the repairing of certain parts of the air conditioner. The company that you will hire for the replacement or repairing of AC parts will also ask for their fee. So you must have to pay them too. You will have to pay a mere $50-$100 so they can work on your air conditioner professionally.

Is It Important To Service Your AC Every Year?

No, it is not necessary to service your air conditioner every year. But to avoid any problem, it is advised that you ask a professional to take a look at it. This way a problem can be detected.


Everything has a cost and servicing your air conditioner has it too. If you want to service your AC, you should have $200-$500 in your pockets. This is just a cost for any simple servicing work. AC work is extensive and it can cost you thousands.

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