Best Aircon Servicing Companies In Singapore

Air conditioners need servicing now and then. If your aircon is working frequently, there is a chance that you will detect some problem in it after some time. If you live in Singapore and do not know where you can service your AC, this article is going to help you. We have listed down some of the best Aircon servicing companies in Singapore that are always available if your AC is showing some signs of improper working.

So let’s see what these infamous companies are and what they offer you and your air conditioner.

Aircon Servicing Companies In Singapore:

We have listed down some of the best Aircon servicing companies in Singapore.

7 Days Aircon Servicing: (#1 Recommended)

This AC servicing company in Singapore is getting recognition by many people due to its expertise in servicing ACs. 7days Aircon Servicing has a lot of different offers that are as follows:

A long Experience: This company has been working for 8 years in this market and it is safe to say that DW Aircon is the best servicing company out there in Singapore.

Highly Affordable: They are an affordable aircon company that has low pricing for professional AC servicing.

Expert Staff: Their staff is experts and knows what they are doing with your air conditioner. You do not need to worry about it because their trained workers will always be there to help you regarding your AC.

Contact Now: 

  • Phone: 66319717
  • Mail:

DW Aircon Servicing:

This is the best servicing company in Singapore that has the professional and expert staff that makes your AC as new as ever.

Some of the important aspects of this company are:

Highly Professional Staff: One thing about DW Aircon is that it possesses highly professional staff who knows how to fix a problem that your AC is facing. They are experts in detecting a hidden problem and finding a solution for it in your air conditioner.

Offers Warranty: Yes, you heard that right! DW Aircon offers a 30 days warranty if something goes wrong with your AC after their servicing.


This AC Servicing company is also one of the best in Singapore. SOCOOL PTE LTD is available 24/7 so if you detect a fault in your AC, you can immediately contact them and they will be there to fix the issue.

Some companies refuse to service an AC because they simply don’t have any idea how to fix a problem in an aircon of a specific company. But not SOCOOL because it has all the staff able to deal with the air conditioner of any company.

SOCOOL offers a 90 days warranty. So if anything goes wrong in the 90 days of servicing your AC, you can contact them and they will come to check the issue.

Marvellous Aircon:

If you are worried that Aircon Servicing Companies will make you pay a huge amount, then try Marvellous Aircon. They have the most reasonable prices out of all the companies out there. So you can contact them whenever your air conditioner needs servicing.

Marvellous Aircon offers 24/7 services, whenever you need them. If your AC is not working properly, you can contact them at any hour of any day and they will immediately come to you to fix the issue. This aircon servicing company has wide expertise in air conditioners and their problems. They will easily detect the problem and offer solutions for it.

COLD MAX Aircon Services:

It is a highly professional aircon servicing company and has several staff members working hard to service your AC.

Following are some things that this company offers:

Just like some above-mentioned companies, Cold Max also offers a 90 days warranty after they service your AC. If you feel like your air conditioner is still not working properly, you can contact them in under 90 days and they will see what they can offer.

Cold Max’s best thing is that they update and train their staff according to the new air conditioning technologies. Their staff is experts in what they know and how to overcome a problem in your AC.

If your AC suddenly starts experiencing an issue, you can immediately call this company. Their 24/7 service will come to take a look at your air conditioner and fix whatever issue it is facing.

Cool Horizon Aircon Services:

This company is one of the greatest out there. Their staff is humble and knows how to fix a problem in your air conditioner.

Apart from the 24/7 service, they offer 365 days of service too. So if you are wherever in Singapore and at whatever time, Cool Horizon will always be at your step to solve an issue with your air conditioner.

If you are a new client, Cool Horizon offers free gas filling in your air conditioners. This offer is only valid to a customer with a contract.

With a very high professional and expert staff, Cool Horizon knows what to do with a problem detected in an AC. You will be completely satisfied with their service.

All of the above-mentioned aircon servicing companies start their offer from $35 to $40. These are the best you can get in Singapore.

When does your air conditioner need maintenance?

This question might come to mind while reading this article. You don’t have to look for a good reason to service your AC but there are still some signs that your air conditioner will show if it needs some servicing.

Even if it isn’t showing any signs, you should service your AC every 3 months.

Signs That Your Air Conditioner needs Servicing;

1. Unusual Sounds

If your aircon is producing some unusual sounds, don’t ignore them as this can be a huge sign of an underlying problem.

2. Not much cooling

If the temperature is the same but the air conditioner is not cooling as it used to, first of all, try cleaning the filters. If this produces no change, then your AC needs servicing and you should arrange an appointment for it as soon as possible.


The air conditioner, just like any other machinery, needs maintenance and servicing. Above we have mentioned all the details about AC maintenance and some recognized companies in Singapore that will offer your aircon affordable and professional servicing.

Now you know who to contact if your air conditioner needs a little servicing.

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