How to Stay Cool When Your Air Conditioner is Out

Over the past decade, Singapore has been under constant temperature rise by 0.25 degrees Celsius year on year. This year has been by far the hottest one yet so living without air conditioning is not an option. But what about those that cannot afford it? Or don’t have it temporarily? Well, I’ve got a list of solutions for you below.

My little guide on how to stay cool when your air conditioning is out will let you in on all the little tips and tricks that you didn’t even realize you needed!

But first, let’s cover some basics.

Is staying hot for too long harmful?

Now I am aware that some of us would choose to be hot when questioned to go through all the trouble that comes along with staying cool. But before you make a decision, you need to understand the damage that hot for too long brings.

Yes, staying in the heat for long is harmful. Since we do not live in deserts, nor have we been trained to survive in hot environments since childhood, we cannot adapt to such hot temperatures. When subjected to hot temperatures for long, the human body will suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. In severe cases, this can be fatal. One might also suffer from dehydration, which can also be life-threatening.

Ways to stay cool when the air conditioner is out:

What to do when you cannot afford to be in the cold but are also afraid of the consequences that come along with the heat? Below are 7 ways that will help you modify your life to cope with the heat in Singapore.

Turn on the fan:

First of all, air conditioners are not the only devices designed to keep a person cool. While some of us do not have aircon in our houses, all of us do have fans. Fans are not costly, they’re easy to install, and can be positioned at a variety of positions. The versatility of the fans is another pro that comes in handy when dealing with the summer heat.

For me, I love using the pedestal fan during the daytime when I am not utilizing the air conditioner. Not only does it keep me cool, but it also makes me a little less guilty by reducing the bill. So, the next time you feel hot, turn on the fan and sit directly below.

A little tip is draping a wet cloth over your pedestal fan to give aircon-like cool breezy air.

Stay hydrated:

Often when you’re feeling hot and irritated, it isn’t because of the lack of cool air alone. It is often because you are dehydrated. Drinking water regulates your body temperature and helps you keep cool. Furthermore, it replaces all the water your body loses through sweat.

Now that you know all this, here’s how to know if you’re dehydrated. If you’re feeling more tired than you usually do and you feel dizzy as well, you are probably dehydrated. But how to know for sure? Stand up, and if the dizziness still doesn’t go after a few seconds, you are dehydrated. Another way to be sure is to check your pulse. If it is weak, you are surely dehydrated.

Portable dehumidifier:

Next, we have a portable dehumidifier. A portable dehumidifier is used to reduce the amount of moisture in a room. A portable one can be carried to different places in the house or outside. It does cost a little over $100 but is way better than spending over $1000 on air conditioning.

There is a little setback when it comes to dehumidifiers though, especially portable ones. They are so small they can only work in a small space. Portable ones are especially known for having very low power so unless you have to, do not opt for an expensive portable dehumidifier.

Keep cool with doors closed:

The ultimate solution is to block out the heat outside. With no way left for the heat to enter your home, you will remain cool and avoid all problems that come along. However, there is little risk of suffocation here. Not the lethal deadly suffocation, but the moisture and heat from your own body building up with no ventilation available.

Avoid heat-generating appliances:

By now you must have found a way that will work for you. In addition to that, you need to avoid all appliances that generate heat. Maybe turn them off if possible or if not, like the refrigerator, you can stay as far away from it as possible. This will prevent all the excess unnecessary heat from reaching you, keeping you much cooler. This won’t help you in a major way, but it definitely won’t add to your list of burdens.

Buy cool clothes:

The next tip is to always look for lightweight clothes. The best material to wear in such weather is cotton. Always avoid silk, polyester, and even denim, when dealing with such harsh temperatures. When you wear light clothes, it will permit air to pass through and will keep you cool and happy.

Not to forget, when you will wear clothes that let the air pass through, you will be less sweaty. Hydrating yourself, avoiding heat, and wearing cool clothes are the essentials to surviving the heat of Singapore.

Seek refuge elsewhere:

Lastly, when you are not able to follow any of the alternatives I have mentioned above, the final resort is escape. Flee the place you are currently residing in and go somewhere cool, preferably with an aircon, like the mall, until it’s time to go home. Once you get home, follow the tips mentioned above!

Final word:

Singapore is going to be hot this year and the only way to combat the heat is either get an air conditioner or follow the tips that I have mentioned above. I hope these are of assistance to you and help you stay cool and happy.

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