How to Choose an Air Conditioner? The Beginner Guide

Doesn’t it feel awesome when you walk out from extreme humidity and sweltering temperature on a sunny day into a cool and cozy room with moderate temperature? Sure it does! The air conditioner is an advanced technology invention of this world, which not only controls the humid atmosphere but lowers the temperature of a broiling room to normal.

Now, there is a vast variety of air conditioners available on the market, which makes it a bit challenging to choose the best one for your room, home, or workspace. Things like, how much an AC costs, or what size would be ideal for your room are important to be noted before making a purchase decision.

So, if you are planning to buy an air conditioner, you are at the right place! Here, we are going to discuss some of the top things you should consider before getting your hands on an air conditioner. Let’s get started!

Types of Air Conditioners:

There are several types of air conditioners available today, each of them has a specific purpose and is designed according to different spaces. It’s important to find out which type is suitable for your space. So, let’s dig into some details. Have a look!


Portable air conditioners are the type of ACs that can be transferred from one space to another when required. Usually, there is a flexible duct with the AC that can be connected to the window or any outlet to let the hot air out. This type of air con is best for people who cannot install an AC permanently in their home due to any reason.


If you are looking for a reasonable option for an air conditioner, this aircon would probably be the most suitable one for you. The window aircon is installed in a window or somewhere in the wall from outside of the room.

The single-unit air conditioner is well-suited for rooms in your house. If you are planning to install a large unit, you may need a little additional wiring however, small ones can be plugged into the regular power spot easily.


A ducted air conditioner, as the name refers, normalizes the temperature of your entire home through a system of ducts. It is usually installed on the ceilings or somewhere out of your sight. The central air conditioning system normalizes the temperature to an appropriate level by providing cool air from vents and ducts.


If you want to air condition your house in more than 1 room, the multi-split air conditioners are the best. This air conditioning system has one outdoor connected with two or more indoor units to cool down the temperature of the entire house.

In this way, you can control the temperature of your choice in multiple rooms, and even save energy by turning off any of them when not in use.


The most common air conditioning system is the split system, which is usually mounted on the walls. It comprises one indoor and one outdoor unit, which is connected through a pipe containing refrigerant gas. It can easily cool down a spacious room or an open plan area of around 60m².

Control Options:

Choosing an air conditioner with multiple control options including adjustable thermostats and multispeed fans is a good idea rather than to opt a regular aircon with limited controls. These options will allow you to operate the air con according to your comfort level. Moreover, it is suggested to select an aircon with a digital remote control which offers you ease of usage, and lets you adjust the temperature precisely.

Removable filters:

Before purchasing the air conditioner, you should check and try removing the filters of the system to make sure they are easily detachable without using any technical tools. Even the latest models of aircon require proper cleaning of the filters after some time to perform well. Hence, choose the air conditioner which can be maintained without any trouble, and has removable yet easy-to-reach filters.

Capacity or Tonnage:

One of the most important factors while selecting the best air conditioner for your space is to check its tonnage. The number of heat sources, climate, area of your room, and many other factors play an important role in finding the right tonnage of your AC. The capacity of an air conditioner is not only important in terms of cooling abilities, but it affects your budget as well.

Energy Efficiency and rating:

Although an efficient AC might be a little out of your budget, it’s a lifetime investment that can control your monthly bills from skyrocketing. Hence, it is important to check the efficiency of the air conditioner before making a purchase decision. You can check the ratings on trusted websites and shortlist the ones with the highest ratings among all.

Size of the Room:

If you buy an air conditioner that is too large compared to the size of your room, then it’s just a waste of money. Also, a small air conditioner for a larger space will have to bear a lot of heavy loads that can affect its efficiency as well. So, just stick to your budget, and find the most suitable size for your room.

Noisy Systems:

Some air conditioning systems create too much noise that can disturb your sleep or distract you from working patiently. After all, who wants their comfort zone to interfere with some unwanted noise?  No one! Split or Ducted systems are the most silent aircon offering a peaceful environment. Moreover, Refrigerated air conditioners tend to make less noise compared to evaporative ones.


Last, but not least, the air conditioner should be reliable and durable. Not only should the quality be world-class, but also choose the brand with a good reputation.  Make sure that the company offers you a warranty for a significant span, but don’t go way out of your budget.

Bottom Line:

Choosing an air conditioner could be challenging, but not anymore. We have mentioned all the considerations in this article that are important for making the right decision. Now that you know how to choose the best air conditioner for you, we hope you get the perfect system installed in your house and enjoy the summers without any stress of working or sleeping in heated spaces.

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